About Us

slide-1Our Mission

“To Plant Seeds Grow Food and Create Opportunity for People”

We feel everyone deserves a healthy meal.  Abundant Harvest would like to become a community resource for sustainable, locally-sourced, produce and sustainable food production methods and systems.

Our History

Abundant Harvest Community Garden Outreach is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit farm and food education center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ve provided enrichment education,

employment opportunities, and service learning since 2010. Through our unique collaborations, we’ve provided thousands of pounds of organic produce to needy families in our community.

Organizations like Food Rescue, God’s Pantry, Common Cause, and Urban Peak receive food from Abundant Harvest to help provide organic produce to needy individuals,

homeless teens, and underprivileged families that otherwise couldn’t afford nutritious, high-quality vegetables.

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